Tolerances are Key! 

Ore-Land routinely manufactures to +/- .005” and we are capable of +/- .0002”.

We are capable of working with numerous materials, including plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steal and other less common.


Shop Control

Standard machine shop processes (milling, drilling, turning). Six machining centers offering CNC milling sizes from miniature parts to 64” x 34” x 30” and 6,000#. CNC turning to 16” swing and 36” travel.

Outside processing including heat treating, plating and special finishes are readily available from local long standing associates.



Ore-Land meets aerospace quality standards with a documented QC system, in-house Coordinate Measuring Machine and all the standard inspection lab equipment.

We are proud to be listed by Cascade Microtech at the top of their Supplier Quality and Delivery list.


Ore-Land has a proprietary shop control system which documents each step of the production process and facilitates rapidly changing customer requirements.